80s And 90s WWE Stars And Their Son! You Won’t Believe this.

Not surprisingly, many of the greatest wrestlers of all time have been second- and third-generations wrestlers. The genes, the pedigree, the priceless mentoring from a veteran has all helped produce a new line of stars.

The sons and daughters of wrestlers often get the unfair advantage of getting opportunities earlier.  Just as often, though, they are burdened with equally unfair expectations.

Some of the wrestlers ranked here have exceeded the success of their fathers, while others lived in the coldness of their overbearing shadows. His father founded the AWA, so as you might have guessed, Greg featured prominently in that promotion throughout the ’80s.

A career highlighted by feuds with Curt Hennig, Adrian Adonis, Ken Patera and Pat Patterson never saw Greg step out of his father’s shadow. Though talented and capable of a thrilling match, Greg was never the draw that his father was or as deft a technician.

Borrowing his father’s signature moves in the sleeper hold and dropkick, he spent much of his life being compared to his Hall of Fame dad.

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