”Don’t Threaten Me” – The Rock Gives a Blasting Reply to Fan & Answers Silly Questions at Comic Con!

Who will prevail between Black Adam and Superman is a hot topic of discussion among DC fans. In order to greet the anxious viewers, Dwayne Johnson, who will play Black Adam in the upcoming DC film, recently made an appearance at the comic con.

Johnson was asked by a fan who would prevail in a duel between Black Adam and Superman. Surprisingly, The Jumanji actor might have revealed a bombshell regarding Superman’s appearance in the movie.

Dwayne Johnson on Black Adam vs Superman

On his Twitter, host Brandon Davis posted the link to the video in which Dwayne Johnson responds to the query. In the tweet, Davis stressed Superman as well, echoing The Rock’s response.

“Great question though, still don’t threaten me with the good time because I’m gonna answer that question. Well, as I was saying, as you guys know, because we are all in this deep mythology and it’s been an age-old question of who is gonna win in a fight between Black Adam and Superman,” Dwayne Johnson said.

“Pound for pound, they are pretty close. I guess that probably all depends on who is playing Superman and I’m just gonna say that. I’ll leave at that and we’ll just go that way,” he added.

A few weeks ago, there were reports that Superman will be played by Henry Cavill again in the movie Black Adam. In the event that a Black Adam vs. Superman movie is ever discussed, DJ also wants Cavill to play Superman. Johnson may also request DC to offer Henry Cavill a comeback as Seven Bucks Production is one of the producers. Johnson’s expression exhibited some hesitancy as he spoke. Man of Steel may, however, appear in the movie’s post-credits or end credits, just like SHAZAM did. However, if we’re lucky, Henry Cavill will once more don the cape for a brief (15-second) scene.

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