The Life of Brock Lesnar Changed Forever Special Thanks to The Rock!

8The SummerSlam 2022 main event will feature Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns. Speaking of the SummerSlam, ever since The Beast Incarnate defeated Dwayne Johnson, one of the best wrestlers of all time, in his very first SummerSlam, it has been his most memorable event.

In case you were unaware, Lesnar made his professional wrestling debut in 2002, shortly after impressing Vince McMahon with his character as a beast. Notably, because of his large body and intimidating demeanor, he quickly advanced to become one of the worst wrestlers. He defeated The Rock shortly after making his debut to earn his first title.

One of his most well-known battles after his debut was his contest with The Rock at SummerSlam. At this point, Lesnar’s and Summer Slam’s histories began. Lesnar was just getting started at the time, while The Great One was at the pinnacle of his pro wrestling career.

Dwayne Johnson changed the life of Brock Lesnar

Nobody imagined Lesnar would take home his first title. Because of this, many WWE fans were stunned by this PPV. The chants of “Let’s go, Lesnar!” from the crowd provided Lesnar with all the inspiration he needed. Due to the legendary wrestlers’ outstanding performance, the match had several exciting moments.

Ironically, The Beast outperformed and outfought The Rock, and won the match with his own finisher, “The Rock Bottom.” Lesnar felt tremendously grateful for having achieved this and believes that it has altered his life. As a result, he won his first championship.

A match against Dwayne Johnson changed Lesnar’s career

At that moment, Johnson had finished what he could in the ring. In addition, he was headed to Hollywood. Conversely, Lesnar had just begun his WWE career. As a result, the fight with The Rock gave his career a big boost.

“Moments after beating The Rock for the WWE Undisputed Title. I’m a much richer man in this picture than I was two minutes before it was taken,” he said.

After being in and out of the company before this match, he solidified his position as one of the best wrestlers in the industry. Everyone is currently anticipating his SummerSlam match against Roman Reigns.

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