Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Leaves Will Smith Far Behind Him! Check the Shocking News!

Let’s look at a few facts here. We all know that Marvel is more successful due to the number of films, and their marketing strategy. According to the reports that DC’s worth is around $10 billion through all their releases. Keeping that in mind, let’s look at these celebrities

Johnson started his career with wrestling and then entered films, and yes he is filthy rich. No doubt about that. He has been a part of several franchises. Though his DC debut will be officially happening in October as Black Adam is releasing then. We can surely add him to the top paid list. The Rock’s net worth is a whopping $800 million!

According to Wealthy actor Dwayne, he has earned a major part of his earnings from his acting career. He is currently semi-retired as far as the wrestling front is concerned. This focuses a great deal on his career in Hollywood.

The Rock is also paid $700,000 per episode for his appearance on HBO’s Ballers. He also earned around 7 Figures in royalties for his line of Clothing. Including his shoe line and the headphones that deal with Under Armour.

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