Fast & Furious Presents | Hobbs and Shaw 2 (2023) | First Look Teaser | The Rock | Jason Statham (Fan Made)


Fast and Furious 10 is right around the corner, to celebrate Jason Statham’s return to the franchise check out the teaser for Hobbs and Shaw 2 dream trailer 2 that I will be releasing soon in the channel!

This is a preview of what I’m working on releasing the full version soon to Macam TV! For those that didn’t catch the reminder in the title and in the beginning (green screen),

I would like to make it clear that this video is 100% FAKE, or fan-made. I don’t intend to clickbait. This concept was made by a passionate fan for entertainment purposes.

Hobbs and Shaw 2 trailer 3 is one of my favorite edits because it was very fun to edit and the result was awesome.

Dwayne Johnson’s line “I’m what you call an ice cold can of whoop a**” and Jason Statham’s line “I’m what you might call a champagne problem” are all lines from Hobbs and Shaw, but I reimagined it with awesome clips from Baywatch and Operation Fortune film.

Since this is a Fast & Furious franchise we have to see cars, thanks to A-Team film it had awesome chase scenes.

Big part of this trailer was Kevin Hart so I added him in this teaser (clip from a deleted scene from Hobbs and Shaw). And Ryan Reynolds too thanks to Red Notice.

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