Seth Rollins Believes Current WWE Star is the Greatest Wrestler Of All Time!

Seth Rollins has pushed back against the notion that a WWE Superstar, or any entertainer for that matter, has to meet certain physical criteria to be deemed a “larger than life” personality.

While citing the examples of megastars Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, Rollins told Sport1 in a recent interview that his wife, Becky Lynch, is not only “larger than life” within the WWE landscape, but also the G.O.A.T. of the wrestling business.

“Becky has developed into one of the biggest stars in the history of our industry with her personality, she is now the greatest wrestler of all time for me,” Rollins said. “And you can see that there is more than one way to be ‘larger than life.’ If you’re already physically fit, it’s definitely easier, but there’s another way. You don’t have to look like Hulk Hogan or John Cena, Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather are also ‘larger than life,’ although they feel physically 1.50. In the end, it’s not about the physical conditions, it’s about what you make of your conditions.”

When pointed out how he himself visually doesn’t meet the prototype of many all-time greats, Rollins admitted he had to find a way to stand out in order to establish himself as a marquee name.

“I don’t look like John, Roman or Hogan, never have and never will,” Rollins said. “I have therefore never been given what they were given. Don’t get me wrong: all of the above have had to work extremely hard and I really admire what John Cena and Hulk Hogan have achieved. And I admire what Roman is doing now. But the truth is, someone like me doesn’t get passed the ball as naturally as they got it. People like me who aren’t a certain size have to work to the limit all the time. Shawn Michaels had to, Randy Savage had to, Eddie Guerrero and even Bret Hart. We have to wrestle our way up, fight our way up in every sense of the word, that’s the package we carry.”

While Seth Rollins was originally slated to wrestle Riddle this Saturday at SummerSlam, Becky Lynch will challenge Bianca Belair for the Raw Women’s Championship at the premium live event in Nashville, TN. The Rollins vs. Riddle match has reportedly been postponed to a future event following Rollins’ vicious attack on The Original Bro this past Monday. Riddle is reportedly selling a kayfabe injury as part of the ongoing storyline.

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