Breaking News: Is Jon Moxley returning to WWE?

Despite the recent changes at the top of WWE, one of the former Superstars featured in AEW, Jon Moxley has revealed that he will not go anywhere and will not temporarily move from the company of Tony Khan. Vince McMahon’s retirement led to a reorganization of some roles within the federation with Triple H becoming the creative supervisor of all WWE shows and also the head of talent relations while his wife and daughter of Vince McMahon, Stephanie became president and co-CEO along with Nick Khan.

What’s next for Jon Moxley?

A good number of former WWE and NXT stars may now return due to good relations with Triple H, above all, and even Vince McMahon’s farewell. One name that was linked to a return to WWE upon the expiration of his contract with AEW was interim world champion, Jon Moxley.

However, fans shouldn’t expect to see the former Shield member anytime soon. Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, reporter Dave Meltzer talked about Jon Moxley: “People say all these guys are going to come back and like I said when the contracts of the best are expired they will get great offers to return to WWE.

It will be up to them. then decide and Tony Khan will have to offer them high contracts or they can leave. I saw Moxley’s name, people saying ‘With Vince away, Moxley will do whatever it takes to get back.’ All I can say anyway is that I’d bet so much on it.”

However, Bryan Alvarez also talked about Jon Moxley and his abilities: “He should play along with the promos but he told me, on more than one occasion, that he will never read a script unless it’s in a movie or a TV show.

But if it’s professional wrestling, he’ll never read a script.” Alvarez added that if WWE had wanted Jon Moxley so badly, he believes a deal could have been closed even though Meltzer appears to rule it out because his contract with AEW will expire in a few more years.

During the podcast, Meltzer also explained that he expects the relationship between WWE and AEW to get better and better in the coming weeks. Recently, Jon Moxley once revealed that he still occasionally spoke to fellow Shield members Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins.

“Very occasionally [speak to Reigns and Rollins]. Seth’s about to have a kid, so that’s cool. You just get in this world and you get really busy, especially in a pandemic world, everyone is in their own little bubbles,” he’d said when Rollins and his wife, Becky Lynch were expecting their first baby.

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