Roman Reigns opens up on facing Brock Lesnar ! Is he Afraid of Beast? Full Story Here.

Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar will face each other for the umpteenth time in the WWE ring during the h*ttest wrestling event of the summer, Summerslam, with the two maximum belts of the company at stake to decree the true Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

The Tribal Chief spoke about this challenge directly, a guest on the TODAY show, stating clearly and directly: “I hope it’s the last time. It hurts. It’s brutal to be in the ring with Brock. He’s a big country boy and has a past.

so great and legitimate. He started as an amateur wrestler, all the way through the collegiate ranks, in the UFC, heavyweight champion. He dominated the WWE for a long time. The only problem he has is Roman Reigns came and he has taken over.

It will be fantastic.” When asked how he feels while walking this Road To Summerslam, Paul Heyman’s associate replied, “I feel great. Now I’m taking a course to do something no one has ever done, dominate Brock Lesnar at that kind of time in my career where I’m really pushing myself to a different level and trying to achieve things that have never been done before.

Whenever you get a chance to beat Brock Lesnar three times in a row, this is pretty cool. This is a showpiece.”

Roman Reigns opens up on Brock Lesnar

According to multiple sources, including Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, this will be their last fight in the WWE rings, so much so that the well-known journalist said: “There are no plans for more matches between them at the moment, but let’s be serious.

You know, I mean, you never know anyone will get hurt and this match, you know, getting Brock Lesnar back in the ring is still talking a lot every time. The first week, there was a huge chatter and all. We’ll see what all this means, but you know, it’s still Summerslam.

It will be the third biggest show of the year, it always is.” Former WWE writer Vince Russo reacted to Roman Reigns burying Theory on the mic on Monday Night RAW. “I definitely think it could have been impromptu. You know bro, it’s funny because you know we do the show with Road Dogg [Brian James] and you heard what happened when Brock Lesnar did not want to work with Jinder [Mahal]. You saw it. He told us how that went down. You think Roman Reigns wants to work with Theory?”

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