5 Top WWE Superstars who are Planning to return in WWE Under Triple H as the Head of Creatives!

WWE has announced that Triple H is the company’s new Head of Creative. This news has been met with universal delight, as fans remember the brilliance of his booking of NXT. Several current talents could enjoy improved experiences on RAW and SmackDown, since The Game has worked closely with many of them on the previously black and gold brand. Meanwhile, this change could prompt a few former WWE Superstars to consider a return. A few other names on the company’s outskirts could also be back. The main roster could enter a new age of creative fulfillment on multiple levels.

Let’s look at five top stars who can return to WWE now that Triple H is steering the creative ship on RAW and SmackDown.


Arguably the greatest wrestler in NXT history, Johnny Gargano has already made a sizable impact within the WWE umbrella. Triple H is a massive fan of him, based on the variety of storylines he has been involved in. Gargano has consistently delivered in the ring, which would make him a valuable asset to Monday Night RAW. He is currently a free agent, having not signed with any promotion since his WWE contract expired last December. This could lead to Johnny Wrestling re-signing with the company with the belief that Triple H will utilize him in the best possible way on the main roster. Gargano’s wife, Candice LeRae, could also be back under The Game’s creative management.

#4 and #3 – Sasha Banks & Naomi could return following the recent changes in WWE

While not confirmed by WWE, reports have indicated that Sasha Banks and Naomi are out of the company. However, Vince McMahon has retired since their initial suspension, which lends hope that things can be resolved.

With Stephanie McMahon becoming Co-CEO and Triple H in charge of creative, Banks and Naomi could be brought back. The Game has been known to feature women prominently on NXT, with The Legit Boss being a massive part of the Women’s Revolution in black and gold brand. Triple H might even put an increased focus on the Women’s Tag Team Championship and book a proper division. That could potentially be a significant factor if Sasha Banks and Naomi decide to return to WWE.

#2 Karrion Kross

Karrion Kross was one of the strongest booked wrestlers in Triple H’s NXT. The 14-time world champion put a lot of stock behind him, adding several elements to elevate his presentation. From his entrance to Scarlett’s menacing presence, Kross looked like a megastar.

Unfortunately, everything fell apart when he joined the main roster. The former NXT Champion was stripped off most of what made him special on the brand, with Vince McMahon eventually getting tired of him. Kross was released in November last year. Since his departure from the company, Kross has wrestled in MLW and NJPW, but could bigger things be on the horizon? Triple H could re-hire Karrion Kross and push him well on the main roster at the second attempt. Scarlett returning alongside her husband would add even more to the act.

#1 Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt has suffered a lot on a creative front under Vince McMahon. The former Universal Champion’s apparent frustration would ultimately lead to his release. Since then, fans have been wondering where and when The Eater of Worlds would wrestle next. A WWE return might not be out of the question now that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are running things. Wyatt has been teasing a comeback quite a bit recently, even including a quote from Vince McMahon in his Twitter bio.


Perhaps, it’s time to “begin again” for Bray Wyatt, this time with the promise of creative fulfillment. The company’s likely move to TV-14 could further lead to exciting and innovative ideas for The Fiend and his possible rise from the dead.

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