Seth Rollins Shares Strange Thoughts about Cody Rhodes You Won’t Believe!

WWE superstar Seth Rollins recently spoke with Metro UK for an in-depth conversation about all things pro-wrestling, including thoughts on his epic feud with Cody Rhodes and how he believes The American Nightmare will be gunning for him once he comes back from his torn pectoral injury. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Says he’d like to get a win over Cody so their feud in his eyes is not over:

I mean, I’d like to get a win over him, so yes, I think there’s definitely more there. I would imagine if he comes back he’s probably gonna be gunning for me. I mean, I did put a sledgehammer in the back of his head, injure him a little more. I imagine there’s unfinished business for him as well. So, whenever he does return, I would assume I will have a target on my back.

How he paid special attention to not hurting Cody during their Hell in a Cell classic:

I mean, that’s what we do every time. That just had a special circumstance. That’s what our job is, and if you see something that looks physical, hopefully it doesn’t feel that way for somebody in the ring. We’re not out there to hurt each other – they say it’s not ballet, which is accurate, but you’re not out there to hurt somebody in that way. It was business as usual in that sense, just had to take one little extra precaution. That was what we did, and it turned out to work OK for us.

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