Watch Exclusive New Epic Footage of Brock Lesnar’s Reaction After Banging the Ring at SummerSlam!

Brock Lesnar wrecking the ring at SummerSlam 2022 was shown in a different angle, which WWE recently shared. The Beast engaged Roman Reigns in a memorable Last Man Standing bout for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

In one of the most shocking moments of this physical fight, Lesnar used a tractor as a weapon. He had parked the vehicle at the ringside after bringing it as part of his introduction.

It had a GoPro attached to it, which provided a new perspective on Brock Lesnar’s wild moment and his immediate response.

WWE shares unseen angle of Brock Lesnar destroying the ring

The Beast once picked up Roman Reigns and threw him into the ring with the tractor. When Lesnar utilized the tractor to wreck the ring, the match became even crazier.

Roman Reigns was still inside the ring when he first pushed it, destroying one of the squared circle’s corners. The Tribal Chief rolled helplessly as the arena erupted in an audible pop.

Lesnar laughed after seeing Roman Reigns tumble onto his back and appeared to be proud of his deeds, while other cameras mainly focused on Reigns and the damage to the scene.

Lesnar had not rehearsed the spot before WWE SummerSlam

According to recent reports, the events at the spots weren’t as expected. The backstage personnel did not anticipate the ring to move in that manner. Everyone underestimated how “rougher and harder” the real shift would be.

It’s interesting to note that there was only one rehearsal before the show, and Brock Lesnar was not present. Instead, a member of the production crew took his place during the backstage setup.

Nevertheless, Lesnar executed the angle flawlessly. He was presumably laughing so hard because of the ring’s unusually harsh movement.

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