Huge News: Former WWE star announces in-ring retirement!

A former WWE star has announced his in-ring retirement and he now plans to focus full-time on commentary work.

Matthew Rehwoldt, known to most fans as former WWE star Aiden English, announced this evening that he will no longer be taking wrestling bookings and this year has taught him that he is most comfortable on the microphone and he is no longer of the belief that wrestling is for him.

The 34-year-old Rehwoldt added that he is a free agent and he is open to talking with companies that need someone on the microphone. Rehwoldt has done a lot of commentary work for Impact Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling and his work has been very good but presumably, he would be open to doing managerial work.

It wouldn’t shock me to see AEW and/or WWE reach out to him either for commentary work or to work as a manager for a wrestler or a stable.

Here are the tweets sent out by Rehwoldt:

“So here you go:

 I will no longer be taking bookings to wrestle going forward.

I’ve always been most at home with a mic in front of me and am in love with the broadcast side of the biz. I’m not sure I feel I belong in the ring anymore and this year has taught me that.”

“But I love what I’m doing now and am still technically a free agent so if you have a company/promotion that needs an entertaining and experienced voice on the mic hit me up!

All in addition to continuing to explore esports/gaming, VO, and content!


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