Top WWE Superstar Make Fun of Goldberg on Twitter??? Sad!

A WWE star has thrown shade at Goldberg on Twitter after WWE shared a clip of their interaction from WWE Raw, three years ago today.

Dolph Ziggler took time out of his busy day to re-tweet a video posted by the official WWE Twitter account of Goldberg and Ziggler from WWE Raw, three years ago today.

In the clip, Goldberg is informing Ziggler that he is indeed next by saying, “Guess what, son? You’re next!” and dropping the mic.

Ziggler threw a little shade in his quote re-tweet, noting:

“Willing to bet he injured that mic”

Goldberg has taken a fair amount of flack in his career for his participation in matches resulting in injury including the often discussed WCW World Title match at Starrcade ’99 where during a No Disqualification match with Bret Hart, Goldberg legitimately kicked Bret Hart in the head.

The accidental kick may have not had dastardly intent but it did come with career ending consequences for Bret “The Hitman” Hart, as he was forced to retire after sustaining a concussion.

Whether or not Ziggler is referencing personal experience or more general shadiness is unclear however it could also be referential to how Goldberg has been known to injure himself.

Dolph Ziggler is currently 2-13-0 for 2022 in WWE; you can check out all of the wins/loss records for the WWE Men’s roster by clicking here.

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