Liv Morgan’s SmackDown Women’s Title Challenger for Clash at the Castle Revealed! Shocking Name!

WWE SummerSlam was full of memorable moments, including how the battle for the SmackDown Women’s Championship happened to end. Those who watched the show will remember that Liv Morgan was able to pin Ronda Rousey’s shoulders to the mat while she was applying the armbar, but Morgan ended up tapping out right before that, though the referee didn’t spot it. That’s probably why Morgan heard some boos during her promo addressing the win, but then it was time for a new challenger to be revealed, and after a grueling gauntlet match, the final two challengers left were Raquel Rodriguez and Shayna Baszler. Though Rodriguez gave it her all, it was Baszler who emerged as the winner, and now she will face Morgan at Clash at the Castle for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

At the beginning of the match, Sonya Deville would face Aliyah first and while Aliyah would push Deville at several points, Deville was able to come away the victor. Then Raquel Rodriguez headed to the ring and immediately put Deville to the mat, but Deville would go for the chop block to knock the powerhouse down.

Deville looked to take away Rodriguez’s power, and after securing a hold she slammed Rodriguez back down to the mat and locked in another hold. Rodriguez delivered an elbow to the face and then hit a big boot that knocked her down. She hit the spinning elbow splash off the ropes and then hit the Tejana Bomb into a cover and eliminated Deville.

Up next was Shotzi, and she would lock in a submission on Rodriguez aimed to keep her from using her power. Rodriguez was able to pick up Shotzi though and hit a Fallaway Slam, and then she hit the Elbow Drop from the ropes and lifted Shotzi and hit a Power Bomb into a cover, and she advanced to the next round.

Rodriguez would then face Xia Li, and she hit the ground running with several kicks to Rodriguez and a big kick to the face, knocking Rodriguez into the corner. More kicks on Rodriguez’s leg followed, and then she put her foot up on the second rope and brought her heel down on it before going for the cover, but Rodriguez kicked out.

Xia locked in a submission and then locked in another one before slamming her knee into the mat. Xia kept up the offensive but Rodriguez had enough, taking the chops and then stopping her cold before hitting a headbutt. Xia hit a kick but Rodriguez caught her and hit the Fallaway Slam and then went for the Elbow Drop before picking Xia up and hitting the Tejana Bomb. She would cover Xia Li and eliminate her.

Natalya was out next and she went right after the injured knee, but Rodriguez kicked her away and broke it up. Natalya hit the knee once more and kept kicking the back of the leg before slamming it down to the mat, and then she wrapped up the legs and put more pressure on them as she hit her with strikes. Rodriguez hit with strikes of her own and then rolled through and picked up Natalia into a Vertical Suplex and went for the cover, but Natalya kicked out.

Natalya was back on her feet and kept kicking the legs and then went for the Sharpshooter, but Rodriguez got the bottom rope to break it up. Natalya hit more strikes in the corner and then went up on the second rope only to get picked up by Rodriguez, and she slammed her down to the mat and advanced to the next round. Then it was Shayna Baszler out as the last roadblock,

Baszler didn’t wait long to lock Rodriguez in a submission, targeting the injured leg with a big stomp. She kicked Rodriguez’s hand off the ropes and then slammed her into the corner, putting pressure on Rodriguez’s shoulder and arm. She then locked in another submission on the arm and shoulder but Rodriguez picked her up and slammed her down. An attack in the corner missed and Baszler rolled her up but she kicked out. A knee followed and another cover, but Rodriguez kicked out at two.

Rodriguez kept fighting back and hit a series of strikes but Baszler got on her back only to get slammed down. A splash in the corner followed and then she hit another below Drop but Baszler caught Rodriguez and applied the sleeper hold. Baszler kept it locked and then dragged her back towards the center but Rodriguez broke out. Then Baaszler locked in the Kirifuda Clutch and took down Rodriguez, earning Baszler the match against Morgan for the SmackDown Women’s Championship at Clash at the Castle.

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