”Shawn is a Genius” – WWE Star Appreciated Shawn Michaels For Helping Him!!

WWE great Shawn Michaels is a “genius,” according to NXT UK standout Noam Dar, who also called Michaels a major influence on his career. Shawn Michaels serves as a producer, writer, and member of the creative team for WWE NXT at the moment.

Dar has been a member of NXT UK since the beginning of the program in 2018.

Noam Dar on Shawn Michaels

Noam Dar spoke candidly about the impact Shawn Michaels has had on his professional life.

“Yeah, absolutely Shawn is a genius without even trying. Just things that he’ll say as off-the-cuff remarks will be nuggets of wisdom that can be career-changing for you. I was lucky to work, and still do work with Shawn, on quite a lot of stuff, especially when I first arrived to NXT UK. He’s really helped add a lot more, kind of depth and substance to me as a performer – and on a personal level has really helped me step up where I need to step up,” Dar said.

After Triple H had to leave the NXT creative team due to health reasons, Michaels took over the reins.

Shawn Michaels is enjoying his role in WWE NXT

The Hall of Famer said that mentoring future NXT performers is one of his greatest passions in a conversation with WWE’s The Bump. He described his feelings about the position.

“It is so much more meaningful to me outside of the ring, I got a great deal of joy from performing in my day, but I guess the biggest thing is appreciating their trust, and I don’t wanna mess that up. I can get emotional about that because when they (new talent) come in here, they’re not sure,” Shawn Michaels said.

According to Michaels, he doesn’t want to compromise the young NXT Superstars’ faith in him. With a genius like the Heartbreak Kid in control, NXT has seen huge changes over the past year, and there may be a few new stars that step up and become well-known main roster stars in the months and years to follow.

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