Being heavily in debt, Acting Career Come to dead end, Amber Heard has Invited to act in 18+ movies for 10 million USD?? Sad.

Having financial difficulties after the divorce, Amber Heard was suddenly invited to act in 18+ movies with a “sand” of tens of millions of dollars.

After the divorce, Amber Heard lost the lawsuit and had to compensate her ex-husband a large amount of money. Recently, she even had to sell her favorite house to pay off the debt. Meanwhile, the directors also turned their backs to “ignore” Amber Heard, which made it even more difficult for her after breaking up with her ex-husband. However, recently, it was reported that an adult entertainment company, Zen Models, offered to invite Amber Heard to act in 18+ movies for $ 10 million if she agreed. It is known that the president of the company is Veronica Mandarin.

Amber Heard was invited to act in an adult film with a salary of 10 million USD (Photo: Internet)

Veronica sent a letter to Amber Heard’s attorney with the following content:

“Dear Mrs. Bredehoft!

I’m Veronica Madjarian, president of Zen Models Management Inc. Zen Models, specializes in the production and management of adult models. We are in contact with a group of companies specializing in the production of adult films and hope that Ms. Heard can sign a contract to participate in this film. If Ms. Heard agrees to take the lead role in this film, our company will pay 8 million dollars for her. We will pay an additional $1 million to Children’s Hospital and ACLU in her name. If Ms. Heard is interested in this offer, please contact the email I sent above. Terms, production location and all related details will be clearly calculated. Please let me know if Miss Heard would consider this opportunity.

Very pleased,

Veronica Madjarian.”

Amber Heard has not yet spoken about this (Image: Internet)

According to Small Screen, they think this is just a PR stunt of this company, not a goodwill invitation. Instead of sending an offer to ex-wife Johnny Depp’s manager, they sent it to her lawyer. Amber Heard has not yet paid the full amount of compensation to her ex-husband and her appeal has also been rejected by the Court. Amber Heard’s side has not yet commented on whether to accept this invitation or not.

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