Randy Orton arranged for a female WWE Superstar to meet John Cena ? Hilarious.

Ex-WWE star Killer Kelly recently spoke about Randy Orton’s heartfelt gesture towards her.

Randy Orton is one of the most respected wrestlers in pro wrestling today. The Viper is a guaranteed future WWE Hall of Famer and has done it all in the squared circle.

Killer Kelly, who once wrestled in WWE for a brief period, heaped massive praise upon the WWE legend during a recent interview with Record. Kelly shared a wholesome story about her time in WWE. She revealed that Randy Orton once contacted fellow WWE legend John Cena so that she could meet him.

Check out a rough translation of her comments below:

“Randy Orton is the kindest person I know. Randy, basically, went and found John Cena so that I could meet him.”

Randy Orton was once a highly controversial entity backstage

Orton has grown quite a bit over the past two decades or so. As a young gun in WWE, he was notorious for being difficult to work with.

Orton had heat with a long list of wrestlers backstage during his run in WWE, most notably Kelly Kelly and Mr. Kennedy.

Orton dealt with drug issues around that time as well. He spoke candidly about the same several years ago in a teaser video for a WWE DVD chronicling his career:

“All life was for me for a couple of years was how I was going to get f***ed up, it was pretty dark and gloomy and pretty sad. I had these problems, I had these things in my life that I was doing that could have potentially killed me.” [H/T Daily DDT]

Orton has improved himself on several fronts over the years. Today, he’s not only dubbed by many as a legend but also a fantastic mentor to the stars of the future.

Orton is quite close with former WWE rival John Cena, and the two megastars have nothing but respect for each other. It was undoubtedly an incredible gesture for Orton to arrange a meeting between Kelly and Cena.

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