Bill Goldberg: It was a really, really tough decision to make!!

Bill Goldberg has been in WWE for a long time. His career is impressive, and in an interview with “Talk is Jericho,” he recalled his beginnings and how it all looked. “It was totally different for me,” Goldberg said, as quoted by wrestling news.

“It was something I didn’t really feel comfortable doing, first and foremost, because I was hanging out with Kevin [Nash] and Scott [Hall]. And they’re best friend was Triple H up in WWE, and they had the whole Kliq thing and they always talked.

Then there was some animosity between Hunter and I, and we just so happened by represented by the same manager. There were things going back and forth. Plus, no offense, but I think we were kicking their ass in the ratings. So I was a bad guy, I was one of those guys that was leading the charge.

How else are they going to look upon somebody like that? Was I go going to go up there and they were going to completely destroy the character, therefore turning me into the monster that many people thought that I was, in that I had to protect myself, even more, going up there.

Bill Goldberg on his decision

The decision was not easy to make, but he had bigger motives that gave him strength. “It was a really, really tough decision to make. But I wanted to be there for the kids. That jolt of energy you get when you’re walking to the ring, or when you’re in the ring and you look out to the crowd, or when you get out of the ring and you see those kids, and you see the smiles on their faces and the stars in their eyes.

And all you do is you let them touch your title. You grab them and you pick them up, and you make them part of the show. I really missed that. And I was willing to put pretty much everything to the side just to get that feeling again and to be back there for those kids,” Bill Goldberg said.

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