Breaking News: Tyson Fury Coming Back to WWE soon?

The speculations on the future of Tyson Fury, the “Gipsy King” of Boxing, are starting again. The former champion announced (again) his retirement from the sport yesterday, his birthday. This is the post published on Instagram: “A heartfelt thanks to all those who have been close to me in my career over all these years.

After long and hard storage, I finally decided to retire on my 34th birthday. Thank you all.” Obviously, the fans immediately thought of his return to WWE, a world in which he is not entirely foreign. At the moment Tyson Fury has only one Wrestling match to his credit, the one against Braun Strowman at Crown Jewel, Saudi Arabia, won by count-out.

Over the past year, Tyson has targeted Drew McIntyre and many thought the two would clash at Clash at the Castle.

New details on Tyson Fury

Now that the Scotsman will be engaged in the main event against Roman Reigns, valid for the Undisputed Universal Championship, the clash between the two seems unlikely, but it is not said that it cannot happen in the future or that Tyson Fury cannot somehow make a surprise appearance during the British event, which promises to be historic.

The Gipsy King is in fact advertised for Wrestle Fest UK, a Wrestling-themed convention to be held in Cardiff, a few minutes away from the Principality Stadium, on the day of Clash at the Castle, Saturday 3rd September. In 33 official matches, the “Gipsy King” has obtained thirty-two hits and a null match.

In 2020 Tyson Fury revealed that he was supposed to take part in WrestleMania, but the pandemic emergency trashed the plans. In February of that year, moreover, Tyson Fury succeeded in a feat that anyone else had missed for five years: snatching the belt of WBC heavyweight boxing champion from Deontay Wilder, the absolute champion of the discipline that held the maximum world crown since 2015 and since then he had always remained undefeated (in addition to having also won every match played previously).

Recently, Fury opened up on the WWE PC: “Unbelievable facility. One of the best facilities in the world for training. I just wish there were more facilities like that in boxing – to make young fighters become great professionals.

I think you need more training facilities like that. I know they have one for GB in Sheffield, they have that. But not many for professional sports. If there is even one at all. I don’t think so.”

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