Goldberg On Ex-WWE Star – “I Wanted To Rip His Face Off”

WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg has spoken candidly about his feelings in the past towards a former WWE Superstar that he was closely associated with.

Goldberg was a tour de force in WCW in the late nineties as he built his name with win after win, earning unparalleled fan support in the company at the time. The former football player made history when he defeated Hollywood Hogan to become WCW World Champion on a famous episode of Nitro in July 1998 while still undefeated.

With his success coming at the height of the Monday Night Wars and WCW and WWE trading plenty of barbs on the air, the star soon became a target. Enter Duane Gill.

Gill had been used as an enhancement talent in WWE in the early nineties but he returned in 1998 and shocked everyone when he defeated Christian to become Light Heavyweight Champion. Within a few weeks of that win, however, Gill had become Gillberg – a parody of WCW’s top star. With sparklers instead of pyro, Gillberg gurned his way to the ring where he mostly met defeat.

Speaking to Chris Jericho on his Talk Is Jericho podcast, Goldberg admitted that at the time he was “p*ssed off” about the unflattering parody but says now, he’s happy that Gill could earn a wage playing off of him:

“You know how I felt about it, I wanted to rip his face off. But that just made me understand what the wrestling business is all about. I mean the way I look back on it now, I’m ecstatic that they were able to give this guy a job. That’s how I’ve broken my life down. It’s the good that can come of actions that have happened in the past. And the way I looked at it in the beginning, like I said, I was p*ssed off about it.”

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