So that we walk with things, going to the gynecologist is not one of the things we like to do, and that feeling of someone strange seeing our intimate area is not very pleasant, right?
However, we all prepare to go and be “decent” for the doctor, but few realize that they leave some things aside and that doctors really hate them.
Gynecologists are used to seeing and hearing all kinds of things. Seriously, sometimes more than any of us could handle.
However, some women continue to feel ashamed and fearful of their intimate area, often postponing or missing their appointment.
The gynecologists have spoken and it is time for you to know what you should and should not do when you go to a consultation:
When you don’t ask all the right questions
avoid details
When you live worried about the smell of your vagina
When you avoid talking about s3xo
When you don’t heed their advice
And don’t worry if you don’t have your intimate area shaved, they have already seen everything and it’s normal if you don’t have it that way.

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