During the delivery, 40 doctors had to intervene to treat a case they had never seen

Nothing can be as exciting for a couple as receiving the news that they are expecting a baby. But what if it’s not one, but another? … Or many more! This is what happened to Alexandra Kinov, a 23-year-old from Prague, Czech Republic, and her boyfriend Antonin Kroscen.

They had already had a baby and the news of the arrival of a second baby made them infinitely happy. But they were far from suspecting the great surprise that awaited them. For the couple, the idea of ​​having twins was not strange to them, since there were cases of twins in their respective families.

Their suspicions were soon confirmed when they learned that two children were on their way. But something made the doctor hesitate and he asked Alexandra to do the scan again.

The sea of ​​emotions that would accompany the couple throughout this adventure began. They were immediately told that they were not actually two children…

but three! Alexandra certainly wasn’t prepared for that much, but she couldn’t regain her peace when her final condition was confirmed in a later checkup: the 23-year-old was expecting not three but five babies! And they hadn’t said it before because the doctor wanted to be absolutely sure of it.

According to doctors, the chance of a woman getting pregnant five times is, of course, one in several million.

Alexandra explains that she was so excited that she began to cry when the doctors located a fifth head on the ultrasound, but in reality everything was a bit confusing: only small heads and legs were visible, so they decided to look forward to the entire pregnancy without knowing. if they were. boys or girls.

This is how Alexandra, overwhelmed by emotion and nerves, prepares to give birth to the most anticipated quintuplets, a historic case in her country. Fortunately, she gave birth to four beautiful boys and one girl, who were delivered by cesarean section. But the birth was so complicated that up to 40 people from the medical team, including doctors, midwives and nurses, showed up in the delivery room to treat Alexandra.

Antonino, the father blessed for the sixth time, unfortunately could not be present at the delivery due to an unexpected traffic jam that took him by surprise and said he would never forgive himself for not being able to witness the birth of his 5 puppies.

“I cried all the way because I was sure I would miss this moment,” said the sad father. The five little angels were born in perfect condition and were named: Alex, Deniel, Martin, Michael and Terezka.

It was not only an exciting day for Alexandra and Antonin, but also a historic day in the Czech Republic. These quintuplets were the first to be born in this country.

The doctors explained that there had not been a recorded case of the quintuplets since 1949, and in the Czech Republic it occurs about once every 480 years.

 The chances of babies being born healthy and without complications in the future are 1 in 47 million. And it was without a doubt the happiest moment of their lives and the greatest blessing they have ever received. Today, 6 years after Alexandra’s historic birth, healthy children are growing up. It is common that multiple births often lead to health problems, but these quintuplets are so special they were given a 95% chance of growing up without any medical problems.

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